The key functions for B-BBEE Compliance can be outlined as follows: B-BBEE Awareness Training & Information Dissemination, B-BBEE Complaints Handling, B-BBEE Monitoring and Evaluation B-BBEE Compliance function seek to ensure that the Province comply with B-BBEE Act, policy and strategies.

(a) Goal

To establish and co-ordinate strategic Compliance and Complaints Handling mechanism in the Province. To provide BEE training and disseminate BEE related information to all stakeholders operating within the KZN economy.  To deal with B-BBEE complaints independently and be accessible to the whole Province. To operate free from any outside influence or control and improve complaints turn-around time. To make fair and reasonable proposals for complaints settlements through serious determination of facts. The Complaints handling function is not a court of law, and as such will only play a mediation role, and no legal help must be expected from this function. All serious cases requiring investigation or prosecution will be referred to relevant institutions such as the Ombudes Office, Commercial Crime Unit, B-BBEE Commission, etc. 

(b) Objectives

  • To ensure that all sectors in the Province comply with B-BBEE policy and the KZN economic empowerment strategies.
  • To disseminate key information for empowerment of target group
  • To deal with specific B-BBEE complaints in KZN
  • To be fair and even-handed to all parties to a complaint
  • To improve complaints turn-around time.
  • To maintain good working relationship with relevant stakeholders who perform similar mandate.
  • To regularly review complaints processes, and learn from experience
  • To Monitor and Evaluate B-BBEE in the Province
  • To establish and support B-BBEE Ombudes Office