The Economic Empowerment Chief Directorate can simply be delineated as composed of four strategic functions al Directorates: B-BBEE Operations B-BBEE Compliance, Women Economic Empowerment, and Youth Economic Empowerment.

(a) Mandate:

The Chief Directorate derives its mandate from a number of Legislations, Policies, Strategies, and in particular from Section 217 of South African Constitutional Act


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Economic Empowerment Directorates.

B-BBEE Operations

 The key function for KZN B-BBEE Operations is to co-ordinate

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B-BBEE Compliance

The key functions for B-BBEE Compliance can be outlined as follows:

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Youth Empowerment

The Departmental youth office is called "Youth Economic Empowerment".

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Women Empowerment

 The empowerment of women is at the forefront of the KZN Provincial 

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Understanding B-BBEE

What is B-BBEE?

B-BBEE is the viable economic empowerment of all black people in particular women, youth, people with disabilities and people living in rural areas through diverse but integrated socio-economic strategies.

Who does B-BBEE apply to?

B-BBEE applies to the following institutions:

Exempted Micro Enterprise(EME)

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Market Access Opportunities

Government Procurement


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Private Sectore Procurement


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