The key function for KZN B-BBEE Operations is to co-ordinate and facilitates implementation of KZN B-BBEE Strategy, National B-BBEE policy, B-BBEE Act, and the B-BBEE Codes of good practise. This is based on the KZN vision to achieve radical economic transformation, more especially the inclusion of target group in the mainstream economy. This vision can be attained through co-ordination and facilitation of stakeholders, initiating and leveraging resources, introducing systems, and creating strategic partnerships across all sectors of KZN economy.


The Directorate derives its mandate from a number of economic transformation legislations, policies, strategies, and Section 217 of South African Constitutional Act 108 of 1996 which prescribe for economic transformation in general, and empowerment of target group in particular.


To create enabling environment for economic transformation and empowerment of the previously disadvantaged individuals and groups (especially youth, women and people with disabilities) to participate in the mainstream economy

(c) Objectives

The broad strategic objectives for B-BBEE Operations are:  

  • To co-ordinate and facilitate implementation of KZN B-BBEE strategy.
  • To establish and co-ordinate B-BBEE implementation structures: B-BBEE Advisory Council, B-BBEE Forums, B-BBEE Implementation team, etc.
  • To influence Government procurement to benefit the target group.
  • To co-ordinate B-BBEE markets and partnerships
  • To influence Government revitalization of township and rural economies programme to benefit target group.
  • To influence amendments of Government policies (National, Provincial, Local) to be biased to transformation.
  • To represent the Province in all the economic transformation related structures.

The key functions for B-BBEE Operations are based on the following four key strategic pillars:

  1. Stakeholders Co-ordination
  2. B-BBEE Finance Markets and Partnerships
  3. Influencing B-BBEE Policy Implementation
  4.  Co-ordination of B-BBEE Advisory Council