The broad strategic function for KZN Women Economic Empowerment Directorate is to achieve the economic emancipation of women and propel them to meaningfully and actively participate in the mainstream economy. This would be attained through multifaceted approach that include but not limited to, strategic partnerships aimed at leveraging resources, and policy coordination across all sectors of economy in the Province. The focus for Women Economic Empowerment Programme can be outline into four interrelated strategic focus areas, that is:

  1. Women Supplier and Enterprise Development -
  2. Women Employment Programme
  3. Women Training and Skills Development (soft and hard).
  4.  Institutional Arrangements and Information Dissemination

The KZN Women Economic Empowerment projects will be informed by these focus areas.

(a) Goal

To facilitate and co-ordinate Women Economic Empowerment in the Province. To provide support to women entrepreneurs both in urban and rural areas in KZN. This means that the section will play a leading role in the revitalization of rural and township women owned-businesses. To enhance women employment opportunities across the KZN economy. To provide training and skills development for women entrepreneurs. Finally, to compile key information and provide institutional support that responds to women needs.

(b) Objectives

  • Identifying sector specific employment opportunities for women and preparing them for such opportunities (match making tool).
  • Facilitating easier entry for the women into the labour market (skills training and match making)
  • Enhancing access to skills development and training for unemployed women
  • Co-ordinating and facilitate stakeholders for women economic empowerment.
  • Influencing women empowerment in public and private interventions.
  • Providing information and institutional support for women businesses and individuals.